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Moortown Golf ClubMoortown

Moortown has been re-awarded the Golf Environmental Organisation accreditation for its outstanding work to foster nature, conserve resources and support the community. The club has been certified since 2018 and it is renewed every five years.

GEO Certified is the most respected certification for golf, based on a credibly and transparently developed modern sustainability standard of best practice.

“Moortown is an excellent example of a club whose operations are managed sustainably. The maintenance of cool season grasses, minimising the use of water, fertiliser and pesticides as far as possible, is laudable. The high-quality heathland restoration, which is ongoing, mark the club out as a leader in environmental good practice on the course,” explained the GEO.

“In addition, their drive to reduce resource consumption and increase energy efficiency, across all their operations, adds to their impressive demonstration of what golf clubs can do to deliver sustainable outcomes. We commend their efforts,”

The club was reported to have met the required certification criteria for sustainable golf operations, successfully completed the official third-party verification process and passed the final evaluation by GEO Certification Ltd.

The aims of the GEO are to further improve golf’s social, environmental and climate contribution, enhance the game’s image, reputation and resilience and to help golf fulfil its potential to inspire and guide millions of followers. The not-for-profit organisation was established over 15 years ago with the sole purpose of helping accelerate sustainability in and through golf.

The Club is understandably proud to have the GEO re-verification and is delighted that this national accreditation recognises the outstanding work of Course Manager Steve Robinson and his staff in terms of the environment.