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Moortown Golf ClubMoortown

Covid-19 Policy

Measures for Playing Safe Golf at Moortown Under COVID-19 Restrictions

From 17th May 2021

Despite the easing of restrictions golfers must continue to comply with the rules on social distancing throughout and are instructed NOT to come to the Club if any of the following are applicable.

  • You, or anyone you have been in contact with, have had the symptoms of Covid-19 in the last two weeks.
  • You have travelled abroad to an amber or red listed country and not followed the government’s quarantine protocol.
  • You have not pre-booked a time to play.

Face coverings must be worn and hands sanitised when entering any permissible indoor area of the club.
(The only exceptions to this rule are for those with a medical exemption or for children under the age of 11).

Course Set Up
  • All rakes, ball-retrievers, ball washers and the drinking fountain have been covered up or removed.
  • Flagsticks should not be removed or touched by golfers.
  • All stakes, tee posts and course furniture should be treated as immovable obstructions.
  • Hole inserts have been placed in the hole cups to prevent the ball falling below the surface.
Before the Round
  • To play, all rounds MUST be booked in advance, either online or by calling the professional’s shop.
  • The professional’s shop is open, face masks must be worn, and hands sanitised on entry. There is a maximum of two customers in the shop at any one time.
  • Please ensure you tee off at the correct time, do not tee off early even if the hole is clear.
  • All practice facilities will be open.
During the Round
  • Golfers are reminded to stay at least 1 metre apart, but preferably 2 metres, when walking to the ball, searching for a ball, and playing shots.
  • It is imperative that each group holds their position on the course, by playing at an appropriate speed.
  • If golfers wish to play less than 18 holes, we recommend that holes 1-8 are played. Golfers should then walk-in using a safe route, ideally the path along the boundary edge of 16,17 and 18.
  • Green staff have absolute priority on the course.
  • The Halfway House will be open daily from 10am until 4pm or as play dictates. We are encouraging card only payments for all items, however cash will be accepted where this is not possible.
After the Round
  • Golfers must remember that social distancing is as important after a round as it is during the round.
  • Parents and Guardians are asked to ensure that all junior members comply with the arrival and departure instructions as detailed above.
  • Face coverings must be worn in all internal areas of the clubhouse, locker rooms, trolley store and Pro Shop. Face coverings may only be removed once seated at a table for refreshments and must be replaced before leaving the table. (The only exceptions to this rule are for those with a medical exemption or for children under the age of 11).
  • Entry – Keypads can be used to enter the building, please ask in the Professional Shop for the days code. Sanitising stations are positioned at each entry point, please use them.
Bar & Catering Service

In line with government requirements, we will operate table service only both inside the clubhouse and around the 18th green. While inside everyone must be seated as standing is not allowed. Please do not re-arrange any furniture, this has been positioned to aid social distancing and in accordance with the Rule of 6 indoors. Individual groups should not join up with others to form gatherings of more than six people and everyone must continue to follow government regulations on social distancing and sanitisation. While outside the Clubhouse, it is permissible to gather in a group of no more than 30, however all social distancing measures remain in place.


We are encouraging card only payments for all items, however cash will be accepted where this is not possible.

Track & Trace

When playing golf your details will be captured by our tee reservation system, this applies to both members, guests, and visitors to the Club. If you are just attending the clubhouse for social purposes, then you must register using the NHS Covid-19 App and scan the QR Code from the posters that are displayed around the clubhouse. If you are unable to do this, then please register your details with a member of the service staff. This is a legal requirement.

Cleaning of Tables and Chairs

It is important that our tables and chairs are cleaned by our staff in between occupants leaving and coming. A red card system will show that a table is not available for use and is still to be cleaned. Please do not use those tables until the red card has been removed.

Opening Hours

The Clubhouse will open from 8.00am daily (Bar open from 9am) and will close at 11.00pm or after the last golfer leaves the course, whichever is earliest. N.B. Closing times may be varied depending on the weather and the level of clubhouse activity.

Changing Rooms and Toilets

Changing rooms are open, however we continue to encourage the changing of shoes and other items on the car park or prior to arrival. Shower facilities are open for use, but again use is not encouraged unless necessary.

Toilets will be deep cleaned daily, and staff will also monitor these facilities throughout the day. We do ask that all users also take some responsibility when using the facilities. Ample supplies of disinfectant wipes, soap and paper towels will be available in these areas.

Local Rules for Competitions – During COVID-19

Flagsticks/Holes with Inserts –

The ball is considered holed if any part of the ball is below the surface of the putting green when it comes to rest.

Stakes, Tee Posts and Course Furniture – Immovable Obstructions

Relief from interference by an immovable obstruction may be taken under Rule 16.1 Abnormal Course Conditions.

Bunkers – Preferred Lies

When a player’s ball lies in a bunker, the player may take free relief once by placing the ball and playing it from this relief area:

Reference Point: Spot of the original ball.

Size of Relief Area Measured from Reference Point: 6 inches from the reference point but not nearer the hole than the reference point. (The ball must remain in the bunker).