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Moortown Golf ClubMoortown

Dress Code

A reasonable standard of dress is required at all times. The following points are intended to guide Members and Visitors.

Golf Course

Only recognised golfing attire may be worn on the golf course.

Player’s shirts must be collared and tucked in. Shorts must be tailored and it is the Club’s preference that they are worn with either knee length socks or predominately white sports socks.


Soiled and/or wet clothing must be removed before entering any lounge or bar area of the Clubhouse. Clean golf shoes, with soft spikes only, are permitted in the Foyer and MacKenzie Bar for the purposes of entering a scorecard or purchasing a drink for consumption outside.

Smart casual dress is permissible in the Clubhouse at all times, with the exception of the Dining Room where gentlemen must wear a jacket and tie after 6pm.

Please Note

The following types of attire are NOT permitted in the Clubhouse or on the course at any time:

  • Denim jeans, cargo trousers/shorts with external pockets.
  • Sleeveless t-shirts, football/rugby shirts (or similar).
  • Trainers, ‘flip flops’ or sandals.

Mobile Phones

All golfers are advised to carry a mobile phone whilst on the golf course, however they may only be used in emergency situations and must remain turned off at all other times.

In the Clubhouse discreet use of a mobile phone is permissible provided it remains in silent mode. Calls cannot be made anywhere within the Clubhouse other than in the locker rooms or in the car park.